And Knowing (the right Mexican restaurant) is Half the Battle…


Another great find in the North Hills, El Campesino…and frequent stop for G.I. Jose.

Gi Jose Gi Jose2

Food was great…very reminiscent of Mexico City, downtown, although still pretty good. The best part about this place…the food is served super fast. Dan & Rob had the #24 (one burrito, one enchilada and a chili relano), Ned had the burrito plate, Kristin had the #6 (burrito, taco, beans and rice, and Brian had #14 (an enchilada, a burrito, and one tamale):

Salsa & Chips 24 burrito plate 6 14

All in all, this place is perfect for a quick lunch…very authentic.

Bonus Tip of the day: Rob & Kenny say “just add tequila” for that added touch to your next fiesta.


…but things could get ugly.


El Campesino
4771 McKnight Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(412) 366-8730


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2 Responses to “And Knowing (the right Mexican restaurant) is Half the Battle…”

  1. david Says:

    i’m addicted to their ‘vegetarian B’ dish from their original location in monroeville. same quality (maybe better,) same menu, although the bar is limited. there’s one in robinson as well.

  2. Pittsburgh Bartending School Says:

    Will, one of our grads works at the North Hills El Campesino. Oh man, I liked the margaritas. Its actually a great place to watch games, have a beer or tequila and eat food.

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