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Happy Lunar New Year!

February 22, 2008

In an effort to visit our favorite Vietnamese establishment, Tram’s Kitchen, was closed for the first day of the Lunar New Year. Fate inevitably stepped in and led us to Garfield and to a place I once visited a few years ago, Pho Minh. The Moon was favorably looking down on us this day. Very quaint like Tram’s but all the servers had both of their limbs, which was a plus. To start our lunch, we ordered vegetarian spring rolls…a staple for the group. In comparison, the rolls were a big larger, however not rolled nearly as tight as Tram’s. Advantage: Tram’s.

Pho Mihn Spring Rolls

Lunch orders included Rob’s Spicy Meatball soup, Brian’s Saigon soup, & Kristin’s Chicken & Lemon Grass soup:

Spicy Meatball #1    Spicy Meatball #2    Saigon Soup    chicken and lemongrass

All of the soups trumped Tram’s…a feat never thought would happen. Although my spicy meatball had a little too much cilantro (of which i’m not a total fan), it was highly flavorful and loaded with Vietnamese happiness. Advantage: Pho Minh. My ONLY complaint was the fact that the server didn’t refill my water…so i took things into my own hands:


Needless to say, i had all the water i needed for the rest of my meal, but they became one server short that day. Looks like we have a new favorite in the Vietnamese department…sorry Tram’s, but nothing lasts forever.

Tram’s Protest    sign   inside

Pho Minh
4917 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
412) 661-7443
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Veggies in the Hood

January 31, 2008

Since over half the team were at an all-day client meeting, Rob and I decided to pick something out of the ordinary and blogable, The Quiet Storm out in Garfield on Penn.   This was another old favorite back in the day, but I haven’t gone there for about 3 years.   All I remember was they had awesome soups and it was primarily a coffeehouse with a vegetarian menu.   The venue is eclectic and vintage – with neat trinkets to check out.   They supposedly have a killer brunch on Sundays.

What a surprise!   The menu was immense, with lots of selections for vegetarians and those that like their veggies to taste like meat (ie: gardenburgers).   I got a cup of chili and a falafel with jalapeno slaw.   Then Rob ordered a potato soup with buttermilk and a gyro burrito.   The service was a little slow but we weren’t too much of a hurry.   The “drug dealer” or “sketchy dude” that kept coming in and out of the restaurant got to be a little annoying, but it was a meal to remember.   

 coffee_bar.jpg      falafel.jpg      gyro_burrito.jpg

 the place                        the falafel                      the burrito

The Quiet Storm
5430 penn avenue
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