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Fish Fry Frydays

February 29, 2008

Well it was snowing outside, and the lunch crew was down to just me and Dan.   Kristin wasn’t feeling up for a trip to Stinky’s + Rob and Ned were at a lunch meeting – so we were on our own.   On the way over, Dan was able to talk me into changing it into a trip to Nied’s Hotel.   I had never been there before, but was craving some comfort food possibly in a dive setting.    This fit the bill.… it’s kind of like a Kopecs on steroids.    They were definitely making a mint in the joint.

Nied’s Hotel   Nied’s Hotel   Neid’s Famous Fish

Nied’s has been in business for 60 years, and they have a huge fish sandwich, “Neid’s Famous”  –  8 ounces of hand-breaded, deep-fried fresh cod on a hoagie bun.   The sandwich was enormous, but delicious.    The place was bustling – lots of regulars – must have been the Catholics… plus if you’re interested in getting lottery tickets – you can buy them at the bar.   I ordered up an Iron + a Fish sandwich with cheese and onion rings.   Dan picked a regular fish Sammie with Mac & Cheese.    It was definitely a lot to take down.

 Fish Sandwich    Nied’s Fish Sandwich   Mac and Cheese

The place was the definition of old school.   It was grimy and old, like in your grandparents’ bar in the basement – no natural light – a place where a vampire could drink irons all day.    I loved it…. And it’s in my backyard.

Size Chart    
how big is it?

Nied’s Hotel
5438 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
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Dark Lair of Kopecs

February 6, 2008

Yes, after weeks of joking around about it, I finally suggested we actually go to Kopecs.   This was one of our favorites back at Labwerks because it was right across from the street.    Also the walking was kept at a minimum for Dan’s non-exercise needs.   It is the quintessential scary, dive bar with good comfort food.   

Of course Dan didn’t need any further persuasion + I was surprised that Kristin very reluctantly agreed to go.   I thought I’d seen more sulking than Dan’s visit to Sushi Kim.   Uh, it was pretty scary.   There was no one around except one drunkie working the machines.   Also the dining room, didn’t even look remotely like what I remember and it was initially completely dark.   I was about ready to take a U-turn but we decided to stay.

Anyway the food was decent, we both got a double-decker hamburger w/fries that was delicious!  It had two large patties – one beef, the other hot sausage… just what the doctor ordered.    Probably my only complaint was the smell of cigarettes, but it was worth a good laugh and a walk down memory lane.   Kristin also is demanding two lunches at Picolo Forno to wash out the experience.  

It’s also been about an hour, and I’m still alive.

Kopecs Korner
3523 Penn Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 683-4190
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 Kopecs        Double Decker       Burger Double

 uh-oh                        double decks                  mmmeat stack

Trattoria Time

January 17, 2008

Thursday – for today, we did a late lunch and stopped at Piccolo Forno on Butler Street.   It’s a great little Italian restaurant in Lawrenceville with a modern flair.   The best part about it – is the pizzas which are done in the traditional Naples style.    I fondly remember the pies from the original Regina Margherita, which was in the same space.   Fortunately the recipes have stayed the same.   I ended up getting the Pasta Fagoli which was excellent to start.     Trying the remember all of the four pizzas we ended up getting.   I believe they were the Bianca, Quattro Stagioni, Quattro Formaggi, and the Focaccina Ripiena… fortunately there’s a menu online at their website.     It’s also a great place to go for dinner just remember to BYOB!

piccolo Forno – 3801 Butler Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201 – 412-622-0111

 Bianca   Group Ensemble   Slice of the Stagioni

Bianca I presume            Group shot                     Stagioni Slice