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Ich schei├če eine Salzbrezel an der Allegheny Taverne von Max heute voll…

February 18, 2008

Loosely translated…”We went to eat at Max’s Allegheny Tavern today”. Well, that’s not exactly what is says, but it’s close. Kristin’s suggested journey to the Fatherland was a true flashback to happy German times. CooCoo clocks, beer steins, creepy old pictures, and new carpeting welcomed us as we sat down in North Side’s top-notch German restaurant. Gretel took our orders: We started with the best thing they have on the menu….3 orders of the stuffed pretzels. Served with a special honey mustard horseradish sauce, which i’m told they make from scratch on premise. This pretzel is the closest i’ll ever get to smoking crack cocaine.

Stuffed Pretzel Stuffed Pretzel 2

Rob’s Turkey Reuben (forgot to get pic:(), Dan’s Ham & Swiss Sandwich, Brian’s Goulash, Kristin’s & Ned’s Open-face Turkey Sandwiches:

Ham & Cheese Goulash Turkey

I think this place is haunted…as you’ll see from this picture:


As you can plainly witness, the light emitting from the picture of the old man. It wasn’t there when i took the picture. Only two things could have caused this….first, it’s the ghost of Heinrich Von Stein who haunts the beer stein table or it’s a hallucination from the pretzel mustard gas emitting from our table. Either way…totaly creepy. Also on the menu, although not ordered was another delicacy, the hot dog:

Hot Dog

Great food, a North Side staple establishment…another SpaceBoy favorite.

Max’s Allegheny Tavern
537 Suismon Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15212-4924
(412) 231-1899
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