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Amigos, it’s Taco Tuesday!

February 19, 2008

Today we headed to the Strip with cravings for Taco Tuesday.   It’s all-you-can eat fish tacos for $8.50.   Rob and Ned found out about it last week, and I had been craving the Penn Avenue Fish Company.     So the two forces had to collide on this day.  

It’s a nice joint – part fish market, part lunch place… with some great chowder, sushi, and especially their fish tacos!   They are delicious.   The tacos have an unorthodox mix of three different fishes: salmon, tuna, and mahi on a crispy shell with cabbage, tomato, and Sriracha hot sauce.   

pennave_bass.jpg   Tuna Melt   Fish Tacos
yes, i can talk tony      tuna melt                    keep em coming

Even though there wasn’t table service, you place your order at the front – they bring your meal plus come around to see if you wanted more fish tacos.   Now, if only they had a conveyor belt.   Conveyor belts aren’t used enough around here.      I was starving, so I picked up two more for a total of six.    The tacos are small, and even after six, I felt great afterwards.     Rob, Ned, and I got the Taco Tuesday special while Kristin opted for the Tuna Melt, which got a great review.     Dan was MIA for today.

If you love fish, this place is definitely the lunch joint to go to.   The fish is delicious!

Taco Town
this could be us – taco town baby!

Also I noticed they are doing some cooking classes with wine pairing every Wednesday from 7-8p.      The list sounded great.   Check by the shop for a schedule of classes.

Penn Ave Fish Company
2208 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 434-7200
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Must like Sushi and Long Walks on the Beach…

February 15, 2008

Our usual crew was down to three today.   Rob and Dan were out with the stomach flu again.   Time after time, I’ve told them to stop making out with each other.    Dan is the lunch dictator for only eating greasy comfort food.   You need to branch out a little!    Kristin is still grumbling about our trip down Kopec’s lane.   Since Dan was out of the picture, the group suddenly is enabled to try more challenging meals – which we relish in.   Did I mention that I love sushi!   It’s my favorite food out of everything – yes, even pizza.    It’s been about a month since we were there at Sushi Kim in the Strip…  so it felt about time.. usually sushi trips also revolve around paydays, because it can get a bit pricey.    Sushi had Ned’s vote so we were off to the races!

Sushi Kim     Sushi    Rainbow Sushi Roll   
so hungee                     uss enterprise            wasabi challenge      

There’s a method to ordering sushi.   Always go for the big boats.   Usually two hungry people can down a boat, then if there’s an odd person, we can add on a side platter like spicy tuna rolls.   We ordered the 38 piece “aircraft carrier”, which was too much for a boat… so it came on a round platter.   In addition, we added a spicy rainbow roll, which has a thin strip of fish along the outside of the roll.    We started off the meal with some yummy edamame and miso soup.    Delicious Friday meal to roll into the weekend!    Dan and Rob, wish you were here.

Sushi Kim
1241 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222   
(412) 281-9956
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Sushi Kim
just ate nemo

The Ghost of Thanksgiving’s Past

January 10, 2008

The immortal Carved Turkey Special at the Smallman Street Deli in the Strip District is indeed a treat. Reminiscent of the day-after-Thanksgiving leftover lunches I hold so dear, this sandwich includes hand carved turkey (no processed meat), lettuce, Swiss Cheese, tomato, and a heavenly herb mayo spread. Available every week on Thursdays, the Outlook calendar reminds me with a nice jingle and a memory of family thanksgiving dinner’s past. Clearly, this gets my pghslop stamp of approval. Now, it’s time to accept my turkey coma.

Carved Turkey Sandwich